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Canada is a unique and diverse country. Although we share many common traits with our neighbours to the South, Canadians have their own distinct flavour.

The following information may answer your questions when visiting Canada.

Environmental information

  1. Are you interested in seeing the natural diversity of Canadaís geography? The Parks Canada website offers information on the numerous national parks, historic sites and waterways.

  2. Are you wondering what the weather will be like when you visit Canada? Depending on what month and which region you visit the weather will vary. Visit Environment Canada to help you plan your packing.

  3. Are you interested in Canadian foreign affairs issues and live abroad or are you located in a specific region in Canada? The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides travel information and keeps you updated on foreign affairs issues.

Job information

  1. Do you want to know where all the jobs in Canada are? The Public Service Commission lists jobs open to the public within the federal government.

  2. The Human Resources and Development website allows you to search for jobs nationally and from the comfort of your own home.

Economic information    

  1. Do you need to figure out how to convert currency, temperature or apples and oranges? This link will assist you in converting units and measurements.

  2. Are you interested in Canadian government issues? The federal government website offers links to various national departments and information for both Canadian citizens and non-Canadian citizens may require.

  3. Are you planning to visit Canada and want to participate in celebrating national holidays but you donít know when? Visit the Canadian Heritage website and find out.

  4. Did you remember to pick up those souvenirs, but are unsure of how much PST was added? This link will help you determine how much extra tax to pay.

Travel information

  1. Do you need to figure out how much gas is across the country? Visit gasticker.com to compare gas prices nationally and regionally.

  2. Are you interested in travelling around Canada but youíre not sure where to start? Try Canada tourism to guide your travelling plans.

  3. If you require more specific traveller information, visit the FAQs on the Lonely Planet Canada branch.

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 Last updated  April 27, 2006