This is the website of the ID-IA SIG of STC through January, 2006. A newer experimental site has been removed from the web and this information of historic interest restored.

New on this site, December and January

January 28. Information design resources listed for forms design.

January 8, 12, 13, 14, 23, 26. SIG leaders page updated to include our new manager, editor, website manager, and web team and to list our volunteer opportunities. Examples posted. Design resource added.

January 3, 6. Example posted. Membership report posted on the News page. Resources page categories simplified. Articles posted.

December 29. 2006 calendar of Conferences and courses posted. Resources page updated: Information architecture, Usability and human factors, Web design. Employment page updated: site with job listings added; link for mentoring program added.

December 12, 13. Examples updated with link to help for a content management system for a government agency. Ongoing courses listed. Conference listed for March 2006.

December 3, 9. Resources page updated: Design, Information architecture, Type and design and Web design sections. Information design and architecture and SIG news posted. Job descriptions added to Employment page. Examples of dynamic websites supporting multiple contributors listed on the Examples page.

Message from the SIG Manager

The primary activity of the Information Design and Architecture SIG is identification of examples of information design and information architecture that are effective, and description of the principles that underlie these examples.

Members also contribute articles; listings of resources and conferences and courses; and news of related organizations for this site. Topics addressed include information architecture, experience design, interface design, type design, and visual design.

The SIG has a members-only email list and participates in networking events at the STC Annual Conference. In 2006 we will sponsor a session as well. Our rechartering report and plan is posted on this site (pdf).

Ann L. Wiley, ID-IA SIG manager, January 6, 2006

How to join the SIG

Membership in the ID-IA SIG is open to STC members only. To see the chapters and SIGs you belong to, log in on the STC site and on the page that opens, click the link for your profile (also at STC Members > Member Services > My STC Profile). To join the SIG, download the "SIG sign-up form" (pdf). Complete the form and return it to STC. Please provide an email address that you check often, because communication with members is by email. To join STC, download and complete a membership application or join online at

Volunteer opportunities

Information Design and Architecture SIG Mission: Develop knowledge and learn collaboratively about optimal ways to present and structure information in print and online.

STC Mission: Creating and supporting a forum for communities of practice in the profession of technical communication.