Information Design and Architecture Examples

This page will list examples of effective information design and architecture identified by members, with annotations suggesting the underlying principles. Undated examples posted December 2005.

Resources for this study

Business Week IDSA award.

Blogs used in business

Examples of blogs on corporate and non-profit association sites for building relationships and traffic to the site, rather than one-way communication. (March of Dimes) - Blog of a VP at Boeing - Blog of Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman - Blog of Jonathan Schwartz, Sun CEO

Library metadata trends and techniques by Thom Hickey

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog

025.431 The Dewey blog

Content management for websites

The Nebraska County Extension offices have a content management system that allows them to put up a standard website. The online help is on a University of Nebraska server:

Dynamic websites supporting multiple contributors

Dynamic site supporting multiple contributors--examples:

Boxes and Arrows

A List Apart

Adaptive Path


Forums used in business Forum Mooger Forum

Interactive learning experiences on narrow topics

Interactive map of some English parks:

Interactive tabs on damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, New York Times

Annotated video in the "clips" section of

Interface design

Examples of interface design, May 2005 except as noted: Posted July 2005., Tracy Locke agency

Navigation methods

A network map of current headlines, companies, and topics: Select an items and the network map is redrawn around that item, or view the current headlines in a heat map, or traditional bulleted lists.

Pictures representing the world today, with headlines and links to summaries: Posted January 2006.

A timely spatial map: Posted January 2006.

Spatial maps: Aggregates news. Posted January 2006.

A site that Jared Spool has reported does well in tests with users: Posted December 2005.

Visual information

Examples: Posted August, 2005

Visualization of data: and other projects Posted January 2006.

Websites A corporate site with effective presentation, structure, and information. Posted January 2006. Compare the merchandising site with the corporate site that presents information about the business and note their relationship. Posted January 2006. Try print preview and a hand-held device if possible. Posted January 2006.