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October 2001 - Success Stories

Seize the Day
Taking Our Place as Owners of the User Interface

by Jennifer Atkinson

Sophia Marx, Lisa Braz, Lea Wolseley, and Jennifer Atkinson presented a session at STC’s 48th Annual Conference in Chicago. The session, “Seize the Day: Taking Our Place as Owners of the User Interface,” addressed why and how to take responsibility for the user interface (UI). We also gathered information with a web-based survey asking other technical communicators how they face this issue.  More...

The Secret of Success
By David Dick, Editor

What is the secret of success? Benjamin Fairness says there are four essential ingredients to successful achievement. More...

What Should We Be Learning?
Pulse of the Usability SIG

by Whitney Quesenbery, SIG Manager

Two recent threads on usability-related e-mail lists provided a lot of food for thought about professional development. More...

Measuring Usability with the USE Questionnaire

By Arnold M. Lund

There are a variety of issues that tend to recur in the life of a user interface designer. I recall the first time I was asked to write performance requirements for a user interface. How should I go about deciding on an acceptable level of errors or an acceptable speed of accomplishing a standard task? How do I know whether I have improved an interface design enough? Of the many problems that need fixing, which ones should take priority? How do I even know whether improving the user interface of a product is going to have an impact on sales? More...

Online Personal Information Managers
The Cure for a Bad “Outlook”

By Michael Hendry and David Rivers

It’s unfortunate, but in order to work with any efficiency at all, I have to try to get my company’s IT department out of the loop as much as possible. So when I wanted to coordinate my department’s schedule and activities, I abandoned our networked Microsoft Outlook, and we started looking for a Personal Information Manager (PIM) on the Internet. More...

Technology in the Classroom

By David Dick with Fabien Vais

At this year’s STC conference David had an opportunity to speak with Fabien Vais to discuss how technology is used in the classroom. Fabien teaches Technical Writing at Concordia University (Montreal) and has taught students with special needs (vision and mobility). More...

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