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Usability Toolkit

The Usability Toolkit is a collection of forms, checklists and other useful documents for conducting usability tests and user interviews.

The material may be used as is, or adapted for specific needs. Credit to the original contributors, when available (usually included in each file), is appreciated. To add an item or suggest a change contact the SIG Manager.

Most of these files are in Word format. The complete toolkit can be downloaded as a ZIP file (406kB).

Another excellent usability toolkit can be found at Gerry Gaffney's Information and Design website.

Planning and Conducting a Site Visit
jcr_svp.doc A two-page template for a site visit plan
jcr_chl.doc A checklist for planning materials for a site visit
jcr_svr.doc A template for site visit reports
jcr_utm.doc Two pages on user-task matrices
(two types of matrix with an example of each)
jcr_tips.doc A page of tips for conducting the site visit
jcr_tipt.doc A page of tips on talking with users during site visits (how to ask neutral questions)
Planning a Test and Recruiting Users
Documentation Usability Techniques.doc A list of usability techniques for documentation


Example of a usability test/evaluation plan


Usability test checklist of activities from concept - next steps


Cover memo to solicit usability participants


Participant survey to solicit usability participants


Talk track for soliciting participants

Accessibility in User-Centered Design: Recruiting Screener
Conducting Usability Tests


Example of a non-disclosure form


Test session checklist


Video this template (modified for each user participant & test) before individual test sessions to "chart" the video tape


Daily schedule form


Scenario package for a usability test


A process for thinking aloud protocol


Thank you note
Usability Severity Codes Classification scheme for usability severity codes

usability evaluation report.doc

Usability evaluation report template
User Surveys or Feedback Forms


Usability and satisfaction survey for a web application product


Participant questionnaire sample form


Customer Satisfaction survey
Critical Incident Survey Survey form for collecting critical incident information
Web-based_ usability_questionnaire (ZIP file) Online tool for usability lab participant surveys
Usability Checklists and Heuristic Reviews


A checklist of items to look for when performing a heuristic review


Heuristic Review quick feedback and checklist


A process for performing a heuristic review


Usability checklist from a software developer’s perspective
e-learning-checklist.doc Usability checklist for e-learning Accessibility in User-Centered Design: Usability Testing Checklist
Heuristics for online help
Usability Goals and Specifications


A process for writing usability goals
Prioritizing Requirements- The Monetary Method A sample survey for prioritizing requirements (Monetary Method)
Prioritizing Requirements- The Rating Method A sample survey for prioritizing requirements (Rating Method)
Usability Specification Blank template format for recording usability specifications
The Business of Usability


Description of the purpose and benefits of usability engineering


Example of a proposal for usability engineering services
busplan.doc Outline of a business plan used to sell your organization on usability
brochur4.doc Brochure on usability and documentation services


Script used for a video on usability and the product development cycle
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