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Carroll, J.M. ed., Scenario-Based Design: Envisioning Work and Technology in System Development. Wiley, 1995

Cooper, A., The Inmates are Running the Asylum. Sams, 1999

Pruitt, J., Adlin, T. The Persona Lifecycle. Morgan Kauffman, 2006

Bringing your personas to life in real life by Elan Freydenson

Creating and Using Personas to Guide Site Design - Dai Pham and Janiece Greene of SBI-Razorfish. Presentation at NYC UPA, May 20, 2003

Lifestyle Snapshots on UI Design.NET

Notes on Design Practice: Stories and Prototypes as Catalysts for Communication by Tom Erickson

Personas: A Description by G. M. Glaze

Personas, Participatory Design and Product Development: An Infrastructure for Engagement by Jonathan Grudin and John Pruitt 2002. Proceedings PDC 2002,144-161

Perfecting Your Personas by Kim Goodwin, Cooper Design

Whispered Advice to The Graduate: Personas - GrokDotCom 8/1/04


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Best Buy Gives Details On 'Customer Centricity' by

How to Play to Your Audience by Meridith Levinson. CIO Magazine, November 15, 2003. A case study of successful use of personas

Taking the "you" out of user: My experience using personas by Meg Hourihan

The Personas Crutch by Andrei Herasimchuk. An anti-persona article by an interaction designer. Posted February 04, 2004

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Sample personas and an explanation of their methodogy from Quarry Integrated Communications
Sample personas for a skateboarder web site. Short, Establishes differences between the three personas in terms of their skating experiences with some highlights of their computer experience. From an article on site design.
Short capsule persona examples from CarbonIQ
A set of personas for a fictional web site. Combines an overview with a more detailed story. From the ACS design site.
A set of personas for an HR application, showing the primary and secondary personas. Each has a quote, short description and list of goals statements. From Robert Reinman – "Artifacts from The Santa Fe Reunion - Persona Matrix"
Chart-style persona, with key information in several different areas. From Adaptive Path Sample Deliverables
These personas are part of an article describing how new design requirements for this user interface design site were created.
A narrative-style persona as part of a company information page
A nice layout, presenting a personal narrative and key characteristics along with short scenarios of use. There are three personas in this set. Each is self-contained, but they also work together as a group. From a personal portfolio.

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These sites have been suggested as good sources for photographs of people to use in personas. Some may charge a fee for commercial use.

Corbis - Royalty-free stock photos for under $10

Getty Images - Costs on the order of $25/image

MS Office Gallery (Do a search like "women - people - photos" in the little boxes at top left.)



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