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Trust and Persuasion

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Professional Ethics
Medical Ethics

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From Interactions to Transactions: Designing the Trust Experience for Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce - Florian Eggers - a book, toolkit and web site

Computer Ethics: Future Directions by Dr John Weckert, Sturt University, Australia, 2000.
A wide ranging discussion of ethical questions including:

  • How easy should we make our systems (should we build in challenges)?
  • How much focus should we put on accessibility?
  • What are some of the ethical issues with global computing?

Ethics of Computers That Persuade by B. J. Fogg, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.
Fogg gives a brief introduction to the ethics of persuasive computing. He discusses the ethics of persuasive computers and the ethics of studying people who use persuasive computing systems.

Intelligent Agents: Some Ethical Issues and Dilemmas by Carolyn Dowling, Australian Catholic University, Australia, 2000.
Dowling describes some of the ethical issues in the design of agents. Her paper focuses mostly on delegation, trust, and autonomy.

Privacy-related Issues in Computer-Mediated Spaces by Liam J. Bannon, Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, 1994.
Bannon describes some of his personal experiences with privacy on computer-mediated workspaces. Ethical issues involved in videotape, ubiquitous computing, collaborative environments, and audio taping of phone calls (a legal issues in many states).

When Documents Deceive: Trust and Provenance as New Factors for Information Retrieval in a Tangled Web by Clifford Lynch. JASIST, 52(1), 12-17 

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